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Realized is the end-to-end platform that lets you exchange 1031-eligible properties for diversified portfolios of tax-optimized property interests, customized to your shifting income needs, risk appetite, and investment goals across generations.

Collectively, the team at Realized has a wide range of applicable experiences, but all share the same mission, to improve lives through innovative real estate wealth solutions. The timeline below is just a glimpse of the journey we’ve been on and a peek into the future.


  • Realized CEO David Wieland, CFO David Dahill, COO Anthony Azar, and VP of Design and Interactive Harrison Gillet attend Coronado High School together in El Paso, Texas. Wieland and Dahill attend Texas A&M University together.


  • CEO David Wieland and CFO David Dahill founded their first company, focused on convenience-oriented real estate, building the company's revenue to $15M before liquidating to a publicly traded REIT.


  • Dahill and Wieland pioneer the field of structured finance credit products and derivatives, ultimately accumulating $55M worth of credit exposure on 100 properties for their publicly traded REIT.


  • Dahill, Gillett, and Wieland create Memberize — one of the first SaaS membership and event management platforms.


  • Members of the Realized team are involved in the sponsorship of four Tenant-in-Common offerings, investing approximately $75M in apartments.


  • Members of the Realized team are involved in the sponsorship of the second-ever 1031 DST offering, along with pioneering the CMBS financings of and sponsoring the first-ever multi-property DST.


  • Members of the Realized team are involved in conducting the first financing mortgage from FNMA, with $200M in equity and comprised of 20 DSTs. They also manage the first DST with mortgage financing from Freddie Mac — including 10 DSTs and with $100M in equity.


  • Total market value of 1031-qualified DSTs sponsored by team members of Realized exceeds $900M.


  • Wieland leads a court battle to protect the investors of his company. His efforts protected $1B in assets and the wealth of 1,300 investors.


  • After years of personal and joint ventures, Wieland and Dahill join forces yet again to found Realized Holdings out of Austin, Texas.


  • The Realized marketplace launches, creating a space for investors to explore their 1031 exchange options and invest in DSTs.


  • The Realized marketplace hits its first major goal: $50M in real estate sales.


  • Realized structures and executes the first ever “cash-out” Delaware Statutory Trust. During the same year, sales on the company’s marketplace hit $150M.


  • Realized begins development of the first end-to-end Investment Property Wealth Management™ for individual investors and launches the first ever Delaware Statutory Trust secondary market.


  • The rapidly growing Realized marketplace hits half a billion dollars in real estate sales. To accommodate the growth, the company acquires Thornhill Securities, Inc., a licensed broker-dealer and registered investment advisor.


  • Realized will launch its Digital Advice Tool platform in late 2020 to grow its offerings and continue to provide innovative real estate wealth solutions to its investors.
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Core Values


We serve with humility, care, and dedication.


We are accountable, honest, and authentic.


We build loyal relationships based on mutual respect, collaboration, and integrity.


We grow through hard work and insatiable curiosity.

The Realized Story

We started with a premise based on “simple.” Make 1031 real estate exchanges less time-consuming, complex, and difficult for the 1031 investor - and by doing so, make them more profitable as well. Our mission was simple: to improve lives through innovative real estate wealth solutions.

Quickly, though, our mission inspired more. Something bigger than just 1031 exchanges. Post-exchange, a problem still existed among our investors. They needed a solution that bridged the gap between their investment properties and sophisticated wealth management techniques. Soon, we devised a solution: Investment Property Wealth Management™.

The purpose of Investment Property Wealth Management™ is to help investors meet their income needs in retirement, manage their risk, and preserve their property wealth across generations — all while managing investment property wealth like they do other investments.

By combining deep real estate investment expertise and technology, the Realized platform develops investment strategies designed to maximize after-tax, risk-adjusted returns. We develop a holistic plan that helps investors manage their wealth tax efficiently — giving them the tools to help them through this major financial decision.

We simplify the process by making it possible for investors to defer their taxes and find a replacement property that meets their needs, risk preferences, and goals. We create long-term relationships based on stewardship, transparency, and growth. All with one vision in mind: to be the team and technology that investors trust to build tax-efficient real estate wealth.