Clay Schmidt

Director, Investment Property Wealth Management

Clay Schmidt

Meet Clay

Clay is a Director of Investment Property Wealth Management™ at Realized, helping investors build a personalized investment plan that is designed to maximize after-tax cash-flow, mitigate capital gains and, is best-suited to their unique situation.

Clay has been with Realized from the onset and has contributed to our success in a variety of functions, from financial modeling and analysis of offerings, to closing of transactions, market research, and business development.

Clay gained experience in previous roles with a real estate investment firm, Capital Commercial Investments and a leading investment advisory firm in the multifamily industry, ARA. Clay is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Minor in Business.

Clay was born in Miami, FL. His family moved to Fort Worth, TX when he was 7. Clay is the middle child sandwiched between 2 sisters. Clay recently married his wife, Nettie, and enjoys spending his time with their incredibly spoiled german shorthaired pointer named Remi and their two baby goats. In his downtime, he can be found playing a round of golf, smoking a brisket in the backyard, or fishing around Austin.

About Stewardship

Stewardship speaks to me the most. The idea that we are here to serve our clients the same way that we would expect to be served. When working with our clients we do our best to put ourselves in their shoes and work to understand their unique investment objectives and long-term goals. We want to help investors make more informed decisions that ultimately lead to the right outcome for their particular situation.

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