Do You Pay Income Tax on Rental Income?

When you purchase a rental property as a real estate investment you will likely pay income tax on your earnings. However, there might be ways to lower your tax burden through deductions on a rental investment. 

Posted by Brett Kimbro on Jul 25, 2021

1031 Exchange Estate Planning: What Happens If the Owner Passes Away

Real estate investors have long used 1031 exchanges in an attempt to reposition and diversify their real property holdings, defer capital gains taxes or pursue assets with greater value and equity.

Posted by David Funes on Jul 23, 2021

Tenants in Common for Married & Unmarried Couples

Buying a home is a significant commitment for both married and unmarried couples. Homeownership with a significant other brings newfound happiness and pride into the relationship -- the two of you are planting roots together and building shared memories.

Posted by Robert Cobean on Jul 22, 2021

What Is a 1035 Exchange?

Financial planning often includes purchasing a life insurance policy to provide a source of income and financial security for surviving dependents.

Posted by Amr Tenney on Jul 21, 2021

What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is employing strategies meant to protect your wealth from litigation. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jul 21, 2021

Can You Get a Loan for a Rental Property?

It is possible to get a loan for a rental property. Approval depends on your credit, income, down payment amount, and the type of mortgage you are applying for, among other factors. 

Posted by Colton Hoisager on Jul 20, 2021

What Is a 1031 Improvement Exchange?

Real estate investors hoping to complete a 1031 exchange often run into the problem of satisfying the “like-kind” requirement of finding a property of equal or greater value, especially in hot real estate markets with fewer available properties and a larger pool of potential buyers.

Posted by Justin Ross on Jul 20, 2021

What Is the 4% Rule of Retirement?

When it is time to retire, one of the major concerns is whether there will be enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement. It is stressful to not know if you will need 10, 20, or maybe even 30 to 40 years of retirement funds. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Jul 19, 2021

How to Report Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Income

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), where investors pool money to invest in real estate through a trust, sometimes generates income that needs to be reported to the IRS on yearly income taxes. 

Posted by Brett Kimbro on Jul 19, 2021

Tenant In Common With a Parent: What You Need To Know

Property ownership between two or more individuals can take on many different forms, from tenancy in common to joint tenancy to community property. The legal relationship between property owners is paramount to ensuring ownership is transferred according to your desires during your lifetime or after you pass.

Posted by David Funes on Jul 18, 2021

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