How to Report the Sale of Rental Property

Correctly reporting the sale of rental property assets is crucial since doing it wrong can result in paying the wrong amount or even paying penalties, and no one wants to do that. Of course, planning for the transaction before executing it is even better than determining the correct reporting after the fact.

Posted by Colton Hoisager on Apr 18, 2021

Passive Income Rental Property: The 3 Things You Need to Know

Rental property can be a great way to make passive income — when you know what you’re doing. However, like with any investment, there’s potential risk. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 17, 2021

Can A Husband And Wife Hold Title As Tenants In Common?

There are many different ownership structures in both commercial and residential real estate. These varying forms of ownership have different implications on finances, taxation, title transfer, and other important aspects of real property ownership.

Posted by David Funes on Apr 16, 2021

How Delaware Statutory Trust Ownership Structures Work

Real estate investing in multi million-dollar properties isn’t just for blue blood elites, cryptocurrency and startup billionaires, or world-famous athletes with money to spare. Although wealthy Americans have amassed more money to invest in coveted institutional-grade properties, everyday investors also can participate in these types of investments by purchasing fractional interests in Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

Posted by Robert Cobean on Apr 16, 2021

How to Calculate Retirement Income

Retirement is something that most people look forward to. The part that some people are not quite prepared for is the retirement income they will need to live a comfortable life after they stop working. 

Posted by Amr Tenney on Apr 15, 2021

Can You Avoid Paying Capital Gains Tax by Buying Another House?

When a property is sold, it creates a taxable event. If you profited from its sale, you’re on the hook for capital gains tax; however, some exclusions may apply. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Apr 15, 2021

Refinancing a Rental Property

When interest rates drop, many homeowners decide to refinance their home loans to take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates. A slight decrease can make a big difference in the monthly payment and the amount you pay over a loan's life. As an investment property owner, you may hope to do the same. While it isn't as easy to refinance a rental property as it is an owner-occupied home, you can do it, and it may be well worth the effort.

Posted by Colton Hoisager on Apr 14, 2021

How To Transfer Ownership Of Real Estate Property

Real estate can be a terrific investment. As an alternative investment asset, it can help diversify a portfolio. And, depending on the asset class, type, location, and other factors, it can appreciate in value, while offering a steady rate of return.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 13, 2021

What is Risk Tolerance in Investing?

Creating a financial nest egg to live comfortably is essential for many people -- especially when it can help them survive turbulent economic conditions such as those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic or the last big national recession.

Posted by David Funes on Apr 12, 2021

Where Do I Invest in Student Housing?

Student’s often live off-campus, and their housing has the potential to be lucrative in many situations. So, where do you invest in student housing, and how can you ensure you are finding the best investment opportunity for you? 

Posted by Robert Cobean on Apr 12, 2021

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