Cheryl, Mary Beth and I just spent the last 45 minutes talking about what a blessing it has been that I found you. Hate to think where we might be in all this tonight without your expertise, patience, guidance, resourcefulness, and thoughtfulness. This is going to make one hell of a case study and reference letter! Without words to express our gratitude so I will leave it at thank you.
– Ed M.

I want to thank you for your help in bringing my 1031 exchange to a successful conclusion. Your availability at all times (especially through Christmas and New Years holidays) and your expertise were above & beyond any expectations I could have ever had. I appreciate it very much.
– Joy V.

Again, you guys were great and I would totally invest through you again.
– Michael

Both Davids have substantial experience working for the world’s best real estate operators including Equitable Real Estate, Security Capital Group, and ProLogis. They understand real estate and they understand finance. These are the kind of people in life that you want to be friends with and do business with.
– J.L.

I began working with David Wieland and David Dahill early in my 45 day period and I am glad that I did. They provided me with insight and a level of understanding that I needed to identify my replacement properties and they were and continue to be available for consultation at any time. They are knowledgeable, professional, approachable and friendly and I enjoy working with them.
– Peter

Your team and you were thoughtful and objective in your evaluation and presentation of suitable properties for my consideration. The transaction evaluation worksheet analytical tool was exceptionally useful in assisting me to sift through real estate investments in an objective summary fashion. In the end as you know, I decided to acquire stand-alone properties and that carried attendant responsibilities that go with being an investor and actual operating landlord because they were aligned with my unique circumstance. It was not an easy decision to go it alone, as I several weeks working with you and your team reviewing investment alternatives and the pro’s and con’s of competing stand-alone and DST assets. The integrity, objectivity and highly professional insights that Realized demonstrated to me was remarkable and I will certainly use your services again in the future in hopes that we find alignment on real estate investments.
– William L.

David. Thank you for all your help in getting the DST, you were very helpful and pleasant to talk to thru the months since summer... You were also very knowledgeable, as you knew about the % interest for the amounts and the purchase value due to the debt. I am still trying to learn all that because its all new to me. No more being a landlord, let the DST do that work now.
– Elaine

David, one year ago today you connected us with Kevin who is one of the finest tax attorneys in the county! Now the family ranch is sold and my relatives were able to complete individual 103 exchanges, many into DSTs. Thank you buddy! What a year.
– James

Thanks very much Drew for taking the time to visit with me today. I learned a lot from you and I appreciate the guide and the info on intermediaries. Great to know that you’re available for questions - it’s all pretty complicated. Kind regards.
– Raymond

Thx so much for your time and expertise.
– Sharon H.

Drew, Thank you so much for leading me through the investment cycle. The time you took to explain the investments and answer my questions was invaluable in making the decision. I have more properties that, when sold, will need to be tax deferred and I will use your services again.
– A. Mixson

Thanks for this. All great information!!
– Michael

Our experience working with both David Wieland and David Dahill was quite positive. As first time DST buyers we were pleased with both the quick response to our questions and the high level of follow through. All of our transactions and communications were handled politely and professionally.
– Kent & Mollie

Thank you both for your tireless assistance and ready availability during our 45 day identification period--very much appreciated! Happy New Year!
– P.L.

I want to thank you for your kind assistance. Best regards,
– Y.L. Yen

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a knowledgeable and well-connected DST professional on your team during a sensitive 1031 transaction.
– Rik

You were so helpful to me and others in my family as we considered 1031 Exchange alternatives after we sold our family farm and ranch earlier this year. It was a difficult process of going from owning a farm and ranch to evaluating and investing in other income producing properties with their nuances. The Realized Team and you went the extra distance to explain the many tangible and intangible factors behind and supportive of your platform’s investment alternatives.
– Bill L.

I'm glad that we had the opportunity to work together, and I appreciate you being a good partner to me and my family.
– David L.

After working with Realized, I felt I had a better understanding of my situation and an awareness of all my potential options. The education and resources they provided put me in a position to make an informed decision regarding my exchange. It was refreshing to work with a team that appreciated my personal goals rather than giving me the hard sell!
– Dirk

David is not only a true professional, he is willing to be there for you every step of the way in your 1031 transaction needs. His communication and follow up is consistent, proactive, and very reassuring in an often stressful and time-sensitive process. I plan to use him in my future DST needs and highly recommend his services.
– R.J.

... a website like yours is something that is perfect for our situation. It was amazing from all of the people/companies I was referred to, everyone seemed to be experts in the mechanics of a 1031 exchange, but if we wanted anything beyond buying a single property where we were landlords, the actual investment opportunities were pretty slim. Thanks for being a resource.
– S. Barron

Hey guys, Thank you so much for your help and for helping my family. I really appreciate it!
– J.L.

Thank you David, it was a pleasure working with you.
– David C.

No compensation was paid for these comments.  These comments may not be representative of the experience of all clients. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results.