Investment Property Wealth Management®

Learn more about Investment Property Wealth Management® by Realized®

Capital Gains

Learn about the meaning and definition of a capital gain and how to calculate capital gains.

1031 Exchange

Learn what a 1031 exchange is and the process for making a like-kind exchange work.

Understanding How We're Different

Learn more about the Realized® Due Diligence Process and how we're different

The Realized Due Diligence Process

The Realized Due Diligence Process. We evaluate four key factors when reviewing an offering. Learn about them here.

Delaware Statutory Trust

What Is A Delaware Statutory Trust & How Do They Work?

Learn what a Delaware Statutory Trust is and how Delaware Statutory Trusts work in a 1031 Exchange.

Qualified Intermediary

Qualified Intermediary: Do I Need One For A 1031 Exchange?

Learn what a Qualified Intermediary is and if you need qualified intermediaries for a Section 1031 Like-Kind Tax Exchange.

Tax-Optimized Real Estate®

Learn more about Tax-Optimized Real Estate® porfolios by Realized®

Passive Income Investments

Passive Wealth Management From Real Estate Passive Income Investments

Investment Property Wealth Management™ is a potential real estate investment vehicle for passive wealth management.

After Tax Cash Flow

After Cash Tax Flow and How It Works

Learn what after cash tax flow means and how it works. Learn more about income tax sheltering strategies.

1031 Exchange Investment Plan

Drew Reynolds: 1031 Exchange Estate Planning

Plan to do a 1031 Exchange? Realized considers estate planning, liquidity, income, risk, and diversification when providing a like-kind exchange solution.

Risk in Real Estate

Risk Managed Investment Portfolios

Measure and compare risk in real estate investing. Real estate investment portfolios based on individual situation, investment objectives & risk tolerance.

Diversification in Real Estate

Real Estate Diversification Portfolio: Investing In Real Estate

Tax efficiently transition equity from individual properties to diversified and passive real estate investment portfolios.

Modern Portfolio Theory

Drew Reynolds: Modern Portfolio Theory

Learn more about the concept of Modern Portfolio Theory and how it applies to real estate investments.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

Qualified Opportunity Zones & Qualified Opportunity Funds

Learn what a qualified opportunity zone and qualified opportunity fund are and how they are related to real estate investing.