How We Transform Your Investment Property Wealth and Help You Reach Your Dreams

Realized helps transform wealth from individual investment properties into diversified real estate portfolios that are customized to your unique income needs, tax situation, investment goals, and created to help minimize uncertainty.

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We work collaboratively to determine your specific lifestyle goals, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and preferences. In these introductory consultations, we work with you or your advisor to build a custom solution just for you.

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Construct Your Custom Portfolio Based on Your Goals

At Realized, we’re committed to creating a unique investment plan based on your individual financial scenario. After consulting with a Vice President and discussing your long-term goals and objectives, we develop a portfolio to help you achieve your goals and manage uncertainty.


Examples shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Our Proprietary Methodology

Goals-Based Portfolios

Our goals-based portfolios are the starting point we use to build your tailored investment plan. Each of these goals-based portfolios is built with one of three main objectives in mind: capital preservation, income generation, or growth.

Confidence Score

The Confidence Score represents the level of confidence Realized believes your overall portfolio has to reach Sponsor income projections.

Diversification Score

The Diversification Score is a proprietary measurement that assesses the overall level of diversification in your portfolio according to five different components.

A Plan To Meet Your Goals

Your investment plan will help you create a tax-free strategy to transition your equity from individual properties into a diversified and passive real estate portfolio. This portfolio can help you keep your hard-earned wealth investing and working toward your goals, seeking to generate more after-tax income while managing uncertainty.

Within your investment plan, you can see a summary of your portfolio’s proposed investments, specific property details, projected after-tax cash flow, your portfolio’s Confidence and Diversification scores, and more.


Example Investment Plan segments shown for illustrative purposes only.

Closing On Your Investments and Ongoing Support

After finalizing your investment plan, your dedicated Private Client Associate will facilitate closing on all your investments. Your Private Client Associate and Vice President will offer ongoing support throughout the duration of your investments.

You will also receive access to your unique client portal after closing, which allows you to access information on your investments with Realized in one convenient location.


A Long Term Relationship

Annual Planning Needs

Each year, your Private Client Associate will schedule an annual review with you to discuss your investment performance and updates from your Sponsor(s). We’ll also discuss what information you may need for year-end tax planning purposes.


Client Portal

After your closing is complete, you will receive access to your unique client portal. This portal allows you to actively monitor investment performance as part of a holistic wealth management opportunity.

Ongoing Communications

After closing, you’ll begin receiving performance updates directly from your investment’s Sponsor. In addition, you’ll receive a monthly communication from Realized that features new product offerings, industry updates, invitations to webinars and special events, and more.

Manage Wealth and Potential Liquidity

While investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts can be beneficial for several reasons, DSTs are considered illiquid investments and cannot quickly be converted to cash. This can be difficult for some investors as circumstances in life change and they may wish to exit their investments earlier than originally planned. Realized can help investors find potential buyers with the industry’s first SEC- and FINRA-reviewed Alternative Trading System for DSTs.

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