An End-to-End Platform For Investment Property Wealth Management®

Realized is a platform that is designed to transform your individual investment properties into diversified real estate portfolios, customized to your unique income needs, risk appetite, and investment goals.

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About the Realized platform

Managing Your Investment Property Wealth.

Realized’s goal is to give you the tools, expertise, access, and personalized service you need to manage your real estate wealth like you would the rest of your portfolio.

Commercial Office DST

Austin, TX

Commercial Office DST in Austin Texas

Multifamily DST II

Athens, GA

Multifamily DST II in Athens Georgia
Passive income ratio

Hypothetical example. Actual portfolio construction may vary.

Realized Portfolios™ Enable Customized Wealth Solutions

Realized gives you the ability to convert your individual investment properties into diversified portfolios of property interests, to help you manage three primary drivers of investment property wealth.

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies can be important in pursuing the potential risk adjusted returns with investment properties.

Property Diversification*

Diversification is a key to tailoring investment property wealth to your changing income needs and risk preferences.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

Risk-Adjusted Returns*

We believe your investment property wealth strategy should be built around targeted after-tax, risk-adjusted returns.

The actual amount and timing of distributions paid by programs is not guaranteed and may vary. There is no guarantee investors will receive distributions or a return on their capital.

How It Works

With personalized service, a marketplace of 1031-eligible property interests, and powerful decision support tools, Realized helps you manage your investment property wealth with the same sophistication you apply to the rest of your portfolio.

Identify Your Property Wealth Scenario

Many situations drive the sale or exchange of an investment property. Let us know which scenario is closest to yours.

What's Your Scenario?

Professional Consultation

Discuss your unique scenario and goals with a professional at Realized, who will begin the process of creating a customized Realized Portfolio® for your exchange.

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Explore the Realized Marketplace®*

As you think about your ideal portfolio, explore the Realized Marketplace® – a continuously curated assortment of 1031-eligible property interests.

No public market currently exists and one may never exist. DST programs are speculative and suitable only for Accredited Investors who do not anticipate a need for liquidity or can afford to lose their entire investment.

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Finalize Your Realized Portfolio®

Work with your team at Realized to interactively create and compare different investment plan combinations, until your unique requirements are satisfied.

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Involve Your Trusted Intermediaries

Open your Realized exchange process to trusted accountants, attorneys, and wealth advisors, so you can be confident your entire team is collaborating to create your custom wealth solution.

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End-to-End Execution

Realized will originate, execute, and settle all the investment transactions associated with your unique Realized Portfolio®, and give you seamless access to trusted partners that fulfill Qualified Intermediary requirements.

Consolidated Investment Tracking

Once your portfolio is in place, Realized provides the tools and information you need to track both your individual investments and your overall portfolio.

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