Brianna Gieselman

Associate Vice President, Wealth Management

Brianna Gieselman

Meet Brianna

As an Associate Vice President Wealth Management at Realized, Brianna assists clients in creating real estate portfolios to manage and defer their taxes, while maximizing their return given a certain level of risk.

Brianna has previous experiences in different roles at Realized that involved engaging with new clients during initial stages of communication with our firm, working directly with clients to facilitate the opening of new accounts, and providing ongoing account management. 

Prior to joining Realized, Brianna was a Project Manager at a Kansas City based online retail store, By Egreis, where she spent the last several years focusing on maintaining inventory, product distribution, and client services. Brianna has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance as well as a Certificate in Accounting from Texas Tech University.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family & friends, whipping up new recipes, taking her Chocolate Lab on walks, and trying the latest fitness class.

Fun Facts About Brianna

  • Brianna has never traveled abroad and one day hopes to spend some time traveling to multiple countries in Europe.


Transparency is my favorite value at Realized because I believe it is the key to honest and genuine relationships both professionally and personally.