Realized® Private Client Program

For clients with sophisticated investment scenarios, Realized offers a custom solution developed with their unique needs in mind. The Realized Private Client program is designed for investors with specialized investment needs, such as estate planning or managing a large portfolio of investment properties. The personalized investment portfolio we construct can either be a stand-alone investment plan or can complement a client’s existing investment needs. Request Program Consultation

Private client program

Here’s what you can expect from the Realized Private Client program

A Dedicated Team

A dedicated team assigned to building a custom investment portfolio based on your specific income needs, risk tolerance, tax situation, and investment goals. This team will consist of:

  • Vice President of Wealth Management
  • Private Client Associate
  • Dedicated Research Analyst

Personalized Due Diligence Meeting

An in-depth due diligence meeting at your preferred location or at our office in Austin, TX, courtesy of Realized.

In-Depth Analysis And Reporting

In-depth portfolio analysis and custom market and submarket reporting.

Account Review Meetings

Semi-annual account review with your dedicated Wealth Management team.

Exclusive Access

Access to exclusive investment offerings and Sponsors not typically available to other investors.

Who qualifies for the Realized Private Client experience?

  • Clients who have $10 million or more to invest in a single real estate transaction.
  • Investors with unique needs such as estate planning, separating real estate interests, or managing a Delaware Statutory Trust as it goes full cycle.
  • Clients who need help managing their investment property wealth alongside other direct real estate holdings or investment portfolios.

Why Work with Realized?

Whether as an independent investor or alongside a team of your advisors, we can build a real estate investment solution that can help you defer taxes on capital gains through a custom portfolio, empowering you to pursue your financial goals across multiple asset classes.

Complement Your Existing Portfolio

As an experienced investor, you may be looking for new investment opportunities that offer diversity to your existing portfolio. Let us help build an investment strategy that pairs with your current portfolio.

Diversify To Manage Risk

Create a portfolio of investment opportunities that help manage risk by offering diversity according to geography, property type, or other economic factors.

Work With An Experienced Team

The team at Realized has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the investment process, from portfolio construction to property identification to closing. Let our team of experts help you build a passive portfolio of commercial real estate properties that can meet your investment goals.

Access Our Research And Real Estate Expertise

We perform extensive due diligence on any potential deals that hit our marketplace, which includes examining the underlying property, reviewing the Sponsor and their track record, and comparing this information to current market performance using third party industry data. We’ll share the information we find on existing deals and Sponsors to better inform you and your team about potential investments.

Realized aims to provide you with all the tools, experience, access, and personalized service you need to manage your real estate wealth like you would the rest of your assets.

Allow us to build a unique real estate investment portfolio that strives to meet your investment goals.

Give us a call at (877) 797-1031 or Request a Consultation below.

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