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As a RIA and Third Party Money Manager, Realized helps advisors serving high-net-worth investors seeking to defer capital gains using unique tax strategies only available to real estate.

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Open Architecture Commercial Real Estate Investment Platform

Realized offers a vetted lineup of non-proprietary real estate investment options from over 40 top Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) sponsors.

Our comprehensive due diligence process includes evaluation of the sponsor, underlying real estate and investment structure of each offering. In addition to our in-house financial intelligence and analytics tools, our research team utilizes neutral third-party data to stress test performance across scenarios.



Goals-Based Portfolios

The Realized goals-based portfolios are designed to help meet a variety of investor objectives and are built on top of a diverse stable of commercial real estate sponsor partnerships.

Comprised of underlying commercial real estate investment securities from a variety of sponsors, these portfolios are designed to help meet investor goals while aiming to provide diversification2 across a variety of property types and locations.

To suggest all real estate is alike would be as wrong as suggesting all equities are alike.

The Realized goals-based portfolios leverage our comprehensive due diligence process and extensive commercial real estate sponsor evaluation experience.

Our goals-based portfolios can potentially help you to efficiently scale your service offering, enhance client relationships and provide a level of diversification that may be difficult to obtain with traditional real estate investing approaches.


Collaborative Portfolio Construction

By applying modern portfolio theory to real estate investments, our goal is to enable you to offer the same level of sophisticated wealth management to your client’s real estate assets as you do the traditional assets within their portfolios.

Our proprietary technology statistically quantifies risk and return and considers client-specific tax situations.

We’ll work with you to understand your client’s unique situation, goals, priorities, and risk tolerance to engineer a custom portfolio designed to align with your financial goals.  In simpler terms, a goals based portfolio utilizing a unique allocation strategy of property types and behaviors to further align with the clients financial goals.



Portfolio Management for Your Clients


We track against sponsor forecasts and market performance4. Variance reports are generated at property, investment, and portfolio levels. Investor and advisor portals provide transparency and convenient access to data.

Ongoing Valuation

In partnership with a Big 4 accounting firm, we provide quarterly NAV reporting for DST holdings, offering additional transparency.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Utilizing fractional real estate investments may offer significant estate planning benefits. Unlike individual properties, fractional interests can be distributed equally among heirs, helping to mitigate potential disputes.

Interest may be passed to an heir at a stepped-up basis to the fair market value at the time of the original owner’s death. If the new owner chooses to sell, no capital gains tax or depreciation capture will occur.



The Realized Difference

When you choose to work with us, you gain direct access to our experienced team of commercial real estate investment professionals who have completed over 600 successful 1031 exchanges and Qualified Opportunity Zone transactions.3

Our flexible client engagement model enables you to determine how much direct involvement we have with your clients. We can be client facing, or act as a behind-the-scenes partner providing the level of support you desire.

A pioneer in the syndicated real estate industry


DST Pioneer
Sponsors the second-ever 1031 DST offering. Also pioneered CMBS financing and sponsored the first-ever multi-property DST.


DST Innovation
Conducts the first-ever DST mortgage financing from FNMA, with $200M in equity and comprised of 20 DSTs.  Also, secured first-ever DST mortgage financing from Freddie Mac - including 10 DSTs and with $100M in equity.


Realized Holdings founded
After years of personal and joint ventures, Wieland and Dahill join forces yet again to found Realized Holdings out of Austin, Texas.


Online Marketplace
Realized Holdings launches online marketplace for DST offerings; Early adopter in online DST channel.


IPWM™ Launches
Realized begins development of the first end-to-end Investment Property Wealth Management® for individual investors.


Acquisition of Thornhill Securities, Inc.
The rapidly growing Realized Marketplace hits half a billion dollars in real estate sales.  The company acquires Thornhill Securities, Inc., a broker-dealer, and registered investment advisor.


Company Expansion
Realized expands the number of Sponsors to 42 and formalizes the account management team, allowing for annual portfolio reviews and ongoing client support.


Quantified Risk
Realized launched "Confidence Scores", an objective way to allow advisors to compare multiple types of DSTs against each other using a statistical scale, based on 3rd party data, which helps predictably determine the DST's likelihood to meet the cashflow of the sponsor PPM forecasts.


Fee-Based Investment Properties  
For the first time, Realized offers DSTs on a fee basis. This launch, which includes valuation and billing, allows fiduciary advisors to use and manage DSTs in the same way they do their client's other assets.

* Listed accomplishments prior to 2015 achieved by co-founders at previous firms prior to formation of Realized Holdings, Inc., which is not a DST sponsor.

Flexible Services and Pricing

Realized is passionate about helping fiduciaries better serve their client’s real estate wealth and being compensated for the value they add. That’s why we’ve created a fee-based offering to facilitate both your fee and ours.

We have partnered with a Big 4 accounting firm to provide ongoing fair value assessments of the securities in client portfolios. We provide you quarterly invoices by client reflecting valuation and your advisory fee. We can also supply the data you need to align with your billing process.

Realized fee for advisory services provided under a sub-advisory agreement and your advisory fee.  Realized may also engage with RIA's under a Promoter Agreement.

Differentiate Your Practice

By helping investors defer large capital gains obligations, you can offer a strategy may not be presented by many other advisors. This may help you stand out in a crowded market while helping to attract and retain high-net-worth clients.

Increase Wallet Share

For many high-net-worth families, investment real estate holdings comprise a significant portion of their wealth. Unlocking wealth trapped in investment properties can bring assets currently outside your purview under advisement. 

1. Not all assets are eligible for capital gains in all circumstances. Consult a tax professional.

2. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

3. As of 12/31/22

4. Market performance data provided by Mountain Dell.

5. All investment related activities and accomplishments prior to 11/1/2019 were with prior broker-dealers and not Realized.

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Discover how we can help you and your clients

Discover how we can help you and your clients.

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