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What Are Core, Core Plus, Value-Add, and Opportunistic Investments?

What Are Infrastructure Investments?

Real Estate Flipping and 1031 Exchanges: What You Need to Know

What Is Portfolio Risk and Return?

How to Set Up a Charitable Remainder Trust

What Is an Inflation Hedge?

1031 Exchange Partnership Interests - What You Need to Know

Annual Depreciation Allowance: What You Need to Know

Can You Do a 1031 Exchange on Inventory?

What Is a Farmland REIT?

Can You Tax Loss Harvest in an IRA?

REITs and Direct Purchase of Property - What are the Advantages and  Disadvantages

How Does the 1031 Exchange Work in Conjunction with Depreciation on Investment Properties?

What Is the Investment Time Horizon?

Are Low Interest Rates Good for REITs?

What Is a Depreciation Schedule for Rental Property and How Are They Determined?

Can an LLC Be a Qualified Opportunity Fund?

Can You Purchase a 1031 Exchange Property with Seller Refinancing?

How to Analyze REIT Financial Statements

Tender Offer Funds: What You Need to Know

What Is the Load Factor in Real Estate and How Does it Work?

What Happens to Your Tax Liability with Proper Financial Planning?

Closed-End Real Estate Funds: What You Need to Know

How to Calculate Capital Appreciation in Real Estate

Is it Possible to Decrease Tax Liability After Several 1031 Exchanges?

How do Delaware Statutory Trust Sponsors Make Money?

Are REITs Considered Alternative Investments?

How Does Depreciation Affect Tax Shields?

What is a Delaware Grantor Trust?

How Are REIT ETFs Taxed?

How Long Can a Charitable Remainder Trust Last?

How Does Section 1411 Define An Active Partnership Interest?

Do REITs Have a Limited Lifespan?

How Much Do 1031 Exchange Companies Cost?

Are Charitable Donations Tax Deductible?

Can a Distillery Be an Opportunity Zone Business?

What Is a Residential REIT?

What Types of Risk Cannot Be Reduced by Portfolio Diversification?

Is Property Transfer Tax Deductible?

What Kind of Improvements Can Render a Property Ineligible for a 1031 Exchange?

What are Qualified REIT Dividends?

Why Consider a Delaware Statutory Trust?

Is Home Equity Loan Interest Tax Deductible for a Rental Property?

What is a Qualified Purchaser?

What is a Mortgage REIT?

Can I Deduct Supplemental Property Tax?

What Is a Non-Recourse Loan and How Does it Work

Section 1031 Property Rollover Rules and Examples

Are Public Benefit Corporations Eligible for Opportunity Zone Investments?

Can I Claim Interest on My Rental Property?

What Is a Retail REIT?

What Is a 1031 Exchange Company?

What Is Improvement Value in Commercial Real Estate?

How Do Tax Deductions Work?

How Can I Choose REITs?

Can You Own Rental Property While on Social Security Disability?

How Does a Delaware Statutory Trust Work?

Do REITs Trade in the Secondary Market?

How Do REITs Make Money?

What Is an Involuntary Conversion?

How Do You Value a REIT?

1031 Exchange Safe Harbor Rules: What You Need to Know

Can REITs Be Held In An IRA?

Can I Aggregate Single-Family Rental Houses for QBI Purposes?

Are All REITs Publicly Traded?

Recapping the 2021 InvestmentNews Retirement Income Summit

What Closing Costs Are Tax Deductible for Rental Property?

What Is a REIT Stock?

Are Distributions From a Charitable Remainder Trust Taxable?

How Can I Sell a REIT?

Qualified Intermediary Installment Sale: What You Need to Know

How Are REIT Dividends Paid?

Who Can Be a Trustee of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

Are Property Taxes on Vacant Land Tax Deductible?

What Does Loan to Value Mean in Real Estate and How Do You Calculate It?

How Do You Start a REIT?

Is a 1031 Exchange Broker a Qualified Intermediary?

What Are Healthcare REITs?

Are Escrow Fees Tax Deductible for Rental Property?

Disadvantages of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) 1031 Exchange Replacement Properties

How Much Does Real Estate Appreciate Per Year?

What Is a Captive REIT?

Who Can Deduct Property Taxes?

What Is an Office REIT?

Do I Have to Itemize to Deduct Property Taxes?

What Is a Residential REIT?

Is Real Estate Tax the Same as Property Tax?

How Do You Calculate Basis for a 1031 Exchange?

Is REIT Income Taxable?

How Is Portfolio Risk Measured?

What Is Deferred Tax Liability?

Do REITs Pay Dividends?

Can a 1031 Exchange Be Used for Residential Property?

How Is a Private REIT Started?

How Do I Know If I Have Tax Liabilities?

Is Property Tax Direct or Indirect?

How Liquid Are REITs?

How Many Properties Can Be Relinquished in a 1031 Exchange?

How Can I Reduce Tax Liabilities?

Are Contiguous Census Tracts Available for Qualified Opportunity Zones?

What Is a Class A, B, or C Property?

What Are the Rules for 1031 Exchange Refinancing?

What Is a Charitable Remainder Trust and How Does it Work?

How Do REITs Raise Capital?

What Is After-Tax Cash Flow and How Do You Calculate It?

What Is Operational Risk in Real Estate?

What Is Private Credit?

What Is a Recourse Loan and How Does it Work?

How to Set Up a Living Trust

How Much Do You Have to Reinvest in a 1031 Exchange?

Can You Combine Opportunity Zones and New Market Tax Credits?

How To Calculate Front-End Ratio For Investment Properties

How Do You Calculate Tax Liability?

Do I Need an Attorney for a 1031 Exchange?

What Is Estate Tax?

The History of Delaware Statutory Trusts

How Does Depreciation Help with Taxes?

Are Private REITs Registered with the SEC?

Can You Sell a Delaware Statutory Trust?

Are C Corp Dividends Subject to Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)?

Are IRA Contributions Tax Deductible?

Can Tenants-in-Common Evict Each Other?

Can Medical Equipment Be Used as Improvement in Opportunity Zones?

How Much Are 1031 Exchange Like-Kind Broker Fees?

Who Can Invest in a Delaware Statutory Trust?

Where Can I Buy REITs?

Are Refinancing Closing Costs Tax Deductible on Rental Property?

Is Direct Deeding Allowed on a Reverse 1031 Exchange?

Is Depreciation Recapture Subject to Net Income Investment Tax?

Ways to Allocate Assets in a Portfolio

Are Opportunity Zone Investments Subject to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?

What Are Private Assets?

1031 Exchange and Divorce: What You Need to Know

What Is Relinquished Property?

How To Determine Land Value in Commercial Real Estate

Is Depreciation an Allowable Expense?

What Is the Debt Service Coverage Ratio in Real Estate?

Is Rental Property Subject to Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)?

What Is Tax Gain Harvesting?

Can I Buy a Timeshare With a 1031 Exchange?

What Happens If I Don't Report Rental Income?

What Does Escrow Mean in Real Estate?

Can I Invest Directly Into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business?

What Is Net Income Investment Tax?

What Is a Private Fund Manager and How Do I Find One?

Can You Gift a 1031 Exchange Property?

What Is an Accredited Investor?

Is There a Penalty For Filing a Tax Extension?

What Is an Unincorporated Business Tax?

What Is Tax Loss Harvesting and How Does it Work?

Can a Trust Deduct Property Taxes?

What Are the Benefits, Cons, and Limitations of Modern Portfolio Theory?

What Are the Laws and Other Legal Considerations for DST Investments?

Can a Tenant in Common Force a Subdivision?

Can You 1031 Exchange a Second Home?

What Risk Factors Should Be Considered When Planning Your Portfolio?

What Is a Section 1411 Trade or Business?

What Is a Section 351 Transfer?

Can an Opportunity Zone Flip Houses?

Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible?

What Is the Efficient Frontier and How Do You Calculate It?

1031 Exchange Single Family into Multi-family: What You Need to Know

What Is Excluded from Net Income Investment Tax (NIIT)?

What Is Net Operating Income in Real Estate?

Can I Pull Equity from an Opportunity Zone?

How Much Is the Penalty for not Paying Estimated Taxes?

What Is the Difference Between a Qualified Intermediary and FATCA?

What Is Direct Deeding in a 1031 Exchange?

Is a Section 1231 Gain Subject to Net Income Investment Tax (NIIT)?

Are Airports Eligible for New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)?

Can a Partner of an LLC Defer Capital Gains Taxes on QOZs?

What Assets Get a Step-Up in Basis at Death?

Where Do I Put My REIT Income on a Tax Return?

Who Are the Parties to a Delayed 1031 Exchange?

What Is a Living Trust?

How Are REITs Taxed?

What Is a Step-Up in Basis?

Do Bonds Help Manage the Overall Risk of an Investment Portfolio?

What Is a REIT?

What Is A Tax-Free Savings Account And How Does It Work?

What Is a Section 1411 Adjustment and How Does it Work?

How To Use an LLC as a Tax Shelter

Can You Get Tax Breaks for Opportunity Zone Employees?

Can a Single-Family Home Be Purchased Under a 1031 Exchange if a Multi-family Home Is Sold?

Can Qualified Dividends Be Used for Opportunity Zones?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tax Haven?

What Is the Down Payment for a Rental Property?

Can a Qualified Opportunity Fund Be Self-Certified?

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