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What Is a Single-Family Home?

Can Opportunity Funds Invest in Companies?

Strategies for Deferring and Reducing Capital Gains, Part 2 [Webinar Recap]

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Inflation or Deflation: What Is the Difference and How Do They Affect the Economy?

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What Is a Delayed Section 1031 Tax Exchange?

What Are Three Methods of Depreciation?

Can You Take Cash Out of a 1031 Exchange?

What Is Leverage Risk?

How Much Does a Reverse 1031 Exchange Cost?

Can You Invest in Land in Opportunity Zones?

Can a New Property Be Purchased Before the Old Property Is Sold in a 1031 Exchange?

How Do I File a 1033 Election?

Can Additional Census Tracts Be Nominated as Opportunity Zones?

Strategies for Deferring and Reducing Capital Gains [Webinar Recap]

What Are the Penalties for Paying Property Taxes Late?

How Soon Can I Refinance a 1031 Exchange Property?

What Happens to Depreciation When You Sell a Rental Property?

Can a Qualified Opportunity Fund Invest in a REIT?

Can an Installment Sale Be Used in a 1031 Exchange?

Do Opportunity Zones Offer Annual Returns?

1031 Exchange Alternatives to Consider

How Do You Determine If Your Property Is in a Designated Qualified Opportunity Zone?

Who is Exempt From Paying Capital Gains Tax?

What is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

Can Local Governments Modify Opportunity Zones?

What Does ‘1031 Exchange Sale Condition’ Mean?

Can You Transfer Your Opportunity Zone Into a Trust?

How to Convert 1031 Exchange Property Into Personal Property

Can a State Change its Opportunity Zone Designation?

What Is a Three-Party Exchange?

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and Opportunity Zones

Can You Get Opportunity Zones Amended?

When Can a Vacation Home Qualify for a 1031 Exchange?

Can Opportunity Zones Be Both Residential and Commercial Properties?

Can Opportunity Zone Investments Be Used for Housing?

How Long Do I Have to Do a Reverse 1031 Exchange?

Can You Buy Someone Else's Opportunity Zone Share?

Is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) a Grantor Trust?

Should I Pay Off My Rental Property?

Can You Do a 1031 Exchange From a Commercial to Residential Property?

When Do Opportunity Zones Expire?

Tenant in Common (TIC) Problems & Disputes - What You Need to Know

Can Municipalities Use Opportunity Zone Funds?

Can You Do a 203K Loan for an Investment Property?

Who Can Be the Beneficiary for a DST, and Can There Be More Than One?

Can Non-Accredited Investors Invest in Opportunity Zone Funds?

Can I Invest Non-Capital Gains into an Opportunity Zone?

What Is Debt Replacement in a 1031 Exchange, and How Does It Work?

What Are New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) and How Do They Work?

What Are Keystone Opportunity Zones?

Is Tenancy in Common a Type of Mortgage Loan?

Ways to Manage Taxes on Investment Property

Is Rental Property Depreciation the Same Every Year?

Can Banks Use Opportunity Zones?

Qualified Intermediary Withholding: Everything You Need to Know About QI Agreements, Statements & Foreign Partnerships

What Government Agency Oversees 1031 Property Exchanges?

Which Characteristics Make a Security Most Subject to Liquidity Risk?

Is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) a Legal Entity?

Can a C Corp Invest in an Opportunity Zone?

What Is Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and Who Pays It?

What Is a Tax Haven?

Tenant In Common (TIC) Purchase Interests Agreement: What it Includes & Important Items to Consider

What Is the 65-Day Rule?

Can You Do a 1031 Exchange from a Residential to Commercial Property?

What Are the Requirements to Form a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)?

What Is a Hybrid REIT?

What Are the Fiduciary Duties Involved with Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Investment?

What Is Structural Risk?

What Happens if I Don't Report Capital Gains?

Can a Tenant in Common Rent or Lease Their Share of Property?

How to Calculate Cost Basis for Rental Property

Can I Buy a Property Overseas with a 1031 Exchange?

Can a Tenant In Common Mortgage Property?

Can an S Corp Do a 1031 Exchange?

What Is Asset Allocation in a 401k?

How Do Tenants In Common File Taxes?

What Is Replacement Cost Risk?

The Basics of Capital Gains

How to Record Payments to Qualified Intermediaries Via Form 1042-S

Passive Income From Rental Property: Different Investment Structures

What Is the 2-Out-of-5-Year Rule?

What Are the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Trustee Requirements?

Are Parks Eligible For Opportunity Zones?

Can You Convert a Single-Family Property to a Multifamily Investment?

Do You Pay Income Tax on Rental Income?

1031 Exchange Estate Planning: What Happens If the Owner Passes Away

Tenants in Common for Married & Unmarried Couples

What Is a 1035 Exchange?

What Is Asset Protection?

Can You Get a Loan for a Rental Property?

What Is a 1031 Improvement Exchange?

What Is the 4% Rule of Retirement?

How to Report Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Income

Tenant In Common With a Parent: What You Need To Know

How Does Owning an Investment Property Affect Taxes?

What Is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Certificate of Cancellation and How Does it Work?

Can You Short Sell an Investment Property?

Estate Planning 101: Delaware Statutory Trusts and Common Law Trusts

Ways to Manage Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property

Tenant in Common Versus Community Property

What Is Idiosyncratic Risk & How Do You Calculate It?

Drop & Swap: When It's Time to Go Your Separate Ways

Is Interest Paid on Investment Property Tax Deductible?

Tenant in Common and Divorce: What You Need to Know

What is Credit Migration Risk?

Can a Condo Be a Good Investment Property?

What is a Property Investment Fund?

How to Pick A Delaware Statutory Trust Broker

Real Estate Ownership Structures: Delaware Statutory Trust and Series LLC

What Is Funding Liquidity Risk?

Should I Create an LLC For My Rental Property?

How Do You Value Property With Significant Entitlement Risk?

Part 3: Using Tax Planning In an Effort to Increase Returns – Real Estate Exchanges

Does a Delaware Statutory Trust Require an Owner Trustee?

Can You Buy a Multifamily Home with a VA Loan?

Is Sale Of Rental Property Subject To Net Investment Income Tax?

Can You Do a HARP Loan on an Investment Property?

Part 2: Using Tax Planning In an Effort to Increase Returns – Increase Your Cost Basis

Is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) a Security?

Ways to Leverage Equity in Investment Property

What Are Qualified Intermediary Regulations, Responsibilities, and Obligations?

Ways to Potentially Defer Capital Gains Tax on Stocks

What is a Disregarded Entity in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)?

How Long Do You Have to Hold Property in a 1031 Exchange?

How Banks Manage Liquidity Risk

Part 1: Using Tax Planning in an Effort to Increase Returns – Leverage Depreciation

Do You Have to Live in an Investment Property?

Should I Invest in Warehouse Properties?

Ways to Invest in Self-Storage

Who Pays for Structural Repairs in a Triple Net Lease?

What Is the Average Property Management Fee for Rental Properties?

What is a Good Interest Rate for an Investment Property?

What Is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Sponsor?

How an Attorney Helps with the Delaware Statutory Trust Investing Process

How to Calculate the Percentage Ownership of a Tenant in Common (TIC)

What Are the Advantages of Investing in a Delaware Statutory Trust in California?

Can You Get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) for a Rental Property?

Can You Rent an Investment Property to a Family Member?

How Many Rental Properties Can You Own?

How Much Is Rental Property Insurance?

What is the Annual Fee of a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)?

When Should I Sell an Investment Property?

Can You Do a 1031 Exchange Between States?

Ways to Invest in Warehouse Properties

Can a Bank be a Qualified Intermediary?

What Does Low-Risk Credit Score Mean?

When Should I Buy an Investment Property?

Can a Will Override a Tenant in Common (TIC)?

Reasons to Consider Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Rental Property

Ways to Invest in Apartments

Reasons to Consider Investing in Self-Storage

Which Asset Has the Highest Level of Systemic Risk?

Why Invest in Industrial Real Estate Properties?

Ways To Invest In Retail Properties

Is Buying an Apartment Complex a Good Investment?

Ways to Invest in Industrial Real Estate Properties

What Happens If I Don't Depreciate My Rental Property?

How to Use an IRA to Buy an Investment Property

Can Retail Property Make A Good Investment?

How to Qualify for a Multifamily Loan

What is a Good Rate of Return on a Rental Property?

What is Credit Risk?

A Guide to UPREITs: What They Are, How They Work, and More

Why Invest in Affordable Housing?

Why is Risk an Important Consideration When Investing?

Are Legal Fees Tax-Deductible for Investment Property?

When to Consider Selling Rental Property

Can You Deduct Mortgage Interest on a Rental Property?

What Documents are Needed for a 1031 Exchange?

How to Manage a Rental Property

How Can I Invest in Affordable Housing?

What is Asset-Level Risk?

Is Land Tax Deductible on Investment Property?

How to Calculate Liquidity Risk?

How to Find Investment Properties

Can a Townhouse Be a Good Investment Property?

Can a Tenant in Common (TIC) Be Ousted?

Ways to Invest in Senior Housing

How are Investment Properties Taxed?

Can a VA Loan Be Used on a Rental Property?

Do I need Homeowners Insurance for a Rental Property?

Are Multifamily Properties Considered Commercial?

Can an FHA Loan Be Used on a Rental Property?

What Real Estate Investors Need To Know About Biden’s Tax Proposal

Is a Multi-family Property a Good Investment?

What is General Market Risk?

What Happens if a Tenant in Common (TIC) Refuses to Sell?

How to Report the Sale of Investment Property on Your Tax Return

Reason to Consider Investing in Senior Housing

How Long Can You Defer Capital Gains Tax?

How Do You Find a Financial Advisor?

Another Way To Own Investment Properties

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