What is the Difference Between Raw Land and Vacant Land?

People with longtime roots in one place may often drive by a new subdivision or retail strip center and wish they’d had the foresight to purchase that particular piece of land 20 years ago when it was still located far from their hometown’s urban core.  Buying land can be a risky investment – especially raw land that’s located well outside of currently developed areas. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between raw and vacant land and some important considerations that come with both types of investments. 

Jan 22, 2023

What Can Offset Depreciation Recapture?

Depreciation can be an extremely favorable and advantageous tax benefit for real estate investors.  Depreciation is a tax deduction that allows property owners to lower the costs associated with purchasing and making improvements to income-producing properties. This deduction lowers the amount of taxable income (but not cash flow) generated from rental properties. 

Jan 20, 2023

What is Title Vesting?

For many people, buying a home or an investment property is the culmination of years of dreaming, hard work, and saving.  Purchasing real property comes with some important decisions, most notably, how to hold the title for the residence or asset. This decision, known as title vesting, affects the legal rights of the property owners, as well as directs the flow of payments if the asset is sold. 

Jan 18, 2023

What Assets are Subject to Depreciation Recapture?

Depreciation of fixed assets provides an important tax deduction for real estate investors and business owners.  Depreciation can be applied to a wide range of long-term fixed assets. It’s an important tax provision because it allows businesses or investors to deduct a portion of the cost of buying physical assets over time instead of all at once. Depreciation deductions also lower taxable income, which can help maximize tax savings. 

Jan 2, 2023

What is the Difference Between Raw Land and Unimproved Land?

Is there any difference between raw and unimproved land? They sound like the same thing. Some people use these terms interchangeably. But yes, there are differences. Land types can be broken into several categories. Land lenders mostly use those categories. 

Dec 31, 2022

Can I Deduct Remodeling Expenses for a Rental Property?

Owners of rental properties have many different tax deductions available that can help offset their rental income and potentially lower their annual tax liability. 

Dec 29, 2022

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