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Are Capital Gains Forgiven at Death?

Capital gains are a complex topic governed by an array of rules and exceptions. Knowing how to navigate the protocols and options is vital for investors seeking to manage their taxes. Capital gains are the increase in value of a capital asset, which can be sorted into short-term and long-term. 

Dec 3, 2022

Do Capital Gains Count as Income for Obamacare?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 provided comprehensive health care reform in an effort to make affordable health insurance available to more individuals. Also known as the ACA or “Obamacare” (as the bill was signed into law by then-President Barack Obama), the legislation enabled uninsured employees and self-employed individuals to buy affordable healthcare insurance.  

Dec 1, 2022

Can Capital Gains Be Carried Forward?

Selling an asset for a profit will likely generate a capital gains tax liability.  Capital gains are often associated with investments such as stocks or real estate, but they also apply to your primary residence, as well as a wide range of alternative assets such as collectibles, fine art, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals. 

Nov 29, 2022

Can You Deduct Realtor Fees From Capital Gains?

We’ve written a great deal about the concept of capital gains. We’ve explained what they are, and when they might trigger a taxable event. Though many of Realized’s previous blogs focus on capital gains when selling investment real estate or other capital assets, it’s also possible to generate capital gains from the sale of your primary residence or home. 

Nov 27, 2022

Do Capital Gains Count Toward Your Income Bracket?

Capital gains can have tax benefits over regular income, specifically long-term capital gains. That’s because long-term capital gains have a lower tax rate than regular income and short-term capital gains, which are also taxed at the regular income tax rate.

Nov 25, 2022

What Are Examples of Capital Losses?

Capital losses can decrease income, which ultimately can decrease your tax bill. The gain is reduced when a capital loss is applied to a capital gain. When the gain is less than the capital loss, it can result in an overall capital loss. This loss can then be applied to other income.

Nov 22, 2022

Do Small Businesses Pay Capital Gains?

Taxes in the United States have a long and volatile history. The authority to impose Federal income taxes originates in the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1913. Congress set the first income taxes that same year, along with the first taxes on profits. In 1921, Congress established the distinction between short- and long-term capital gains in the Revenue Act of 1921.

Nov 21, 2022

Are Capital Gains Considered Income for Medicare?

Congress added Medicare health insurance to Social Security benefits in 1965. The original provisions offered coverage to people aged 65 and older, plus some younger individuals with disabilities. There are currently other eligible groups, which have been added over time.

Nov 19, 2022

Do Foreign Investors Pay Capital Gains On US Stocks?

Many investors around the world are interested in purchasing American stocks. Investing internationally means you have more companies to choose from when building a portfolio. Additionally, some of the world’s buzziest stocks trade on the US market.  

Nov 18, 2022

Do Nonprofits Pay Capital Gains on Stock?

“Nonprofit organization” is somewhat of a misnomer. Companies and organizations structured as nonprofits (sometimes known as “non-business entities”) do generate money, generally through fund-raising activities and donations. 

Nov 16, 2022

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