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How Do Companies Pay Capital Gains Taxes?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 made some major changes to the way corporations pay taxes. 

Nov 9, 2022

Are Capital Gains Taxed Twice?

If you’ve ever owned – and then sold – an investment asset for profit, you likely paid taxes on those gains. At the federal level, those gains will either be taxed at your ordinary income rate (for short-term holds of less than one year) or at the capital gains rate (for long-term holds of more than one year).  

Nov 8, 2022

What is the Difference Between Capital Gains and Investment Income?

Investments typically generate income in one of two ways: capital gains and investment income.  

Nov 6, 2022

Are Non-Profits Exempt From Capital Gains Tax?

When a corporation is granted and maintains tax-exempt status, it doesn’t have to pay taxes on any profits. But does that hold true if a profit comes from capital gains on an investment? We’ll explain non-profits and capital gains taxes.  

Nov 5, 2022

What is the Difference Between Capital Gains and Dividends?

People invest in capital assets for the potential cash flow and appreciation possibilities. These take the form of dividends and capital gains. While both can aid in portfolio profitability, capital gains and dividends are quite different.  

Nov 4, 2022

Do You Pay Capital Gains on Inherited Stocks?

The capital gains tax is a levy on the gain, or increase, in the value of a capital asset over its basis. Capital assets include real estate, business property and equipment, jewelry, antiques, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, mineral rights, royalties, and some intellectual property like patents. The value is the amount that you sell it for or can sell it for, while the basis is the amount you paid, plus acquisition and improvement costs.

Nov 3, 2022

How are Capital Gains Reported on Form 1120-S Taxed?

Reporting capital gains as a business when taxed as an S-corp means using two forms. One of those forms is called 1120-S. We will go through what this form is and how capital gains are reported on it.

Nov 1, 2022

How Long Can Capital Gains be Carried Forward?

The IRS offers a variety of instructions concerning gains or losses resulting from the sale of capital assets. These include capital gains tax rates, short-term versus long-term capital gains, and carry forwards/carry overs.  

Oct 31, 2022

Does Standard Deduction Apply to Capital Gains?

The U.S. income tax code, officially designated the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), is a large document that was enacted by the U.S. Congress through Title 26. Additional tax guidance is located in Treasury regulations, sometimes referred to as federal tax regulations.  

Oct 30, 2022

What is the Deadline for Paying Capital Gains Tax?

If you sell an asset for profit and make a capital gain, you must pay capital gains tax. Like all other tax liabilities, you must pay your capital gains tax according to IRS deadlines. For capital gains, payment is typically due based on when you sold the asset and before you file your return.  

Oct 29, 2022

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