What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate on Jewelry?

Picture this.  You own a fine piece of jewelry, a ring. Perhaps this ring has been in your family for a while. Your insurance company valued the ring at $4,000. 

Jan 1, 2023

What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate on Collectibles?

When discussing investments and capital gains, the focus is typically on traditional investments (bonds, cash, and stocks) or alternative investments (real estate, hedge funds, commodities, or private equities). 

Dec 25, 2022

Is Capital Gains Yield (CGY) The Same As Dividend Yield?

As an investor, one of the things that drives your yes/no decisions about whether to acquire and hold a particular asset is the return on that investment, based on what it costs to buy it. In other words, yield. Also known as rate of return, yield is stated as a percentage of the amount you invested in that asset. 

Dec 22, 2022

Do You Pay Capital Gains On Restricted Stock Units (RSUS)?

As an employee, you might receive various forms of compensation. These likely include wages or salaries, various forms of insurance, bonuses, paid time off, and pension plans.  

Dec 18, 2022

Is Capital Gains Tax the Same as Inheritance Tax?

It seems as though just about everything in the United States is subject to some sort of tax. As an American citizen, you’re taxed on wages and earnings, the purchase of goods and services, and property ownership.  

Dec 17, 2022

What Is the 2-Out-of-5-Year Rule?

What Is the 2-Out-of-5-Year Rule?

When selling your primary residence, taxes still matter — and they can get complicated. Your home is a capital asset and, therefore, subject to capital gains tax. If your home appreciated in value, you might be required to pay taxes on that profit. However, there are exceptions.

Dec 14, 2022

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