Can Rental Losses Offset Ordinary Income?

Many real estate investors also work full-time jobs. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce that wage income (i.e., ordinary income) with rental losses? 

Mar 25, 2023

[Webinar Recap] How To Treat Your DSTs During Tax Season - Managing Income Tax and Cash Flow

Webinar Recap: How To Treat Your DSTs During Tax Season - Managing Income Tax and Cash Flow

Here at Realized, we help our clients use 1031 Exchanges to buy and sell real estate. 1031 Exchanges help investors legally defer capital gains taxes on real estate sales by exchanging one property for another like-kind property. In addition to direct real estate, one form of like-kind property investors can exchange into is a Delaware Statutory Trust, or DST. DSTs can be a tool for growing your real estate portfolio, but they can also be tricky to manage when tax season comes around.

Mar 24, 2023

How is Rental Income Taxed When You Have a Mortgage?

There can be positive benefits to owning rental property as an investment. One of those benefits could be potential cash flow from tenant payments. However, most incomes are subject to some kind of tax, and rental income is no different. But if you took out a mortgage to buy or refinance your rental property, how is your rental income taxed?

Mar 23, 2023

What Happens If You Don't File Form 8824?

The 26 U.S. Code § 1031—”Exchange of Real Property Held for Productive Use or Investment”—can help defer any potential taxes levied on gains resulting from the sale of investment real estate. Swapping your relinquished property for a replacement property of equal or greater value can push your tax burden down the road at least, as long as you follow the IRS’ many rules regarding the like-kind exchange. 

Mar 21, 2023

How to Report a Section 121 Exclusion

Section 121 of the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to exclude from income some of the gains they have enjoyed due to the increase in value of a primary residence. The IRS rules are meant to support the exclusion by homeowners while denying it in the case of an investment property. To that end, taxpayers claiming the exclusion must satisfy both an ownership and use test.

Mar 20, 2023

Do I Have to File a 1099-R Form?

You will likely get a 1099-R form If you received a distribution from a retirement plan or a similar account like an annuity, pension, or insurance contract. The plan administrator is responsible for filing the 1099-R with the IRS and any required state or local governments. As the taxpayer you will also report the distribution on your income taxes.

Mar 19, 2023

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