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Realized Raises $6 Million Series A Round Led By Calibrate Ventures

Posted by The Realized Team on Sep 11, 2019

Yesterday, we announced the raise of $6 million in Series A funding. The funding was led by Calibrate Ventures and joined by Rice Park Capital. We will be utilizing these funds to expand our team and technology. 

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Deadline Approaching To Defer Capital Gains By Investing In Opportunity Zone Fund

Posted by The Realized Team on Jun 26, 2019

For investors who reported significant capital gains on their 2018 K-1s or had capital gains from business and investment partnerships, there’s a way to potentially receive favorable tax advantages — both short- and long-term — on those profits. However, the deadline to defer payment of certain 2018 gains until 2026 — as well as the potential to reduce total tax liability on said gains by 15 percent if held for 7 years — is June 28. 

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Realized Announces Development Of Secondary Market

Posted by The Realized Team on Jan 31, 2019

Goal of improving liquidity of secondary sales.

Realized has recently developed a secondary market to provide current Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investors with an opportunity to sell their interests to accredited investors. While the secondary market provides no guarantee for sale, and DSTs are still classified as an illiquid investment, the market’s goal is to increase the liquidity of DST interests in order to make the investment process even easier and more investor-friendly.

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“Secondary Sales” of Private Securities (And Tokens) in Crowdfunding

Posted by The Realized Team on May 15, 2018

Realized is fortunate to have Mark Roderick as its guest contributor for this week’s blog. Mark is a well-respected, securities attorney with Flaster/Greenberg. He is also one of the thought leaders in the United States on crowdfunding, and the author of the Crowdfunding Attorney Blog

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The Evolution of the Retail Asset Class

Posted by The Realized Team on Apr 13, 2018

The retail industry is all around us. Whether it is helping us put food on the table, clothes on our backs, or delivering us a common product, we rely on retail to provide us with what we need, when we need it. From local shopping centers to regional malls, retail properties are characterized by having the sole purpose of selling and delivering consumer goods and services. Although in a growing technological world where e-commerce has established itself as a threat to the retail industry, online retailers have still been establishing themselves in physical stores, only increasing the presence of the retail sector in commercial real estate. Offering both unique investment structures and the potential for higher than average risk-adjusted returns, retail has established itself as an attractive opportunity for real estate investors.

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Our 10 Most Viewed Articles from 2017

Posted by The Realized Team on Jan 10, 2018

A list of our top 10 most viewed articles from 2017.
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What is a Cash on Cash Return in Real Estate?

Posted by The Realized Team on Mar 9, 2016

“Cash on Cash” is a ratio often used to evaluate cash flow from income-producing assets. It's typically used as a quick litmus test to determine if a given real estate investment qualifies for further review and analysis.

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How to Know if You Qualify for a 1031 Exchange

Posted by The Realized Team on Oct 21, 2015

So you’ve done your research and made your decision: you want to take advantage of a 1031 exchange to defer taxes related to your real estate investment. So how exactly do you qualify for this tax strategy?

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