Understand the Pros/Cons of a Net or NNN Lease

NNN (Triple Net Lease) leases can be the ultimate passive investment. However, it’s important to understand factors such as the age of the property, exit strategies, as well as tenant and concentration risk.

This eBook covers Single-Tenant Net Leased Properties or NNN Leases, their forms, and helps you learn:

What is a Net Lease and a Net Lease property?

  • Investing in NNN properties
  • Risks and potential benefits of NNN Investing
  • Options for making a NNN purchase

Learn About Net Lease Property Types and Lease Structures

  • Retail, Office and Industrial Triple Net leases
  • Single, Double and Triple Net Leases
  • Absolute or Bondable Lease

And diversified DST NNN lease portfolios designed to give you the benefits a Triple net lease has to offer while managing concentration risk.

NNN ebook cover