Introducing an Exclusive DST in Dallas with High Growth Potential

  • Webinar
  • June 22
  • 1:00pm CST
Realized BV Bridgeview Design District DST [w]

Recorded Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

About the DST Offering:

  • An exclusive offering from Bridgeview Real Estate in the Dallas Design District
  • Class A multifamily, 2 miles from Dallas CBD
  • Significantly below the average market rental rate, providing unique opportunity to greatly enhance property value
  • Operator with proven track record in similar investments
  • Highly aligned financial structure

Drew Reynolds

Realized CIO

Drew Reynolds About Drew

Steve May

Bridgeview Founder

Steve-May-Bridgeview About Steve May

Aubrey Ennis

Bridgeview Director of Acquisitions

Aubrey Ennis About Aubrey Ennis
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