721 UPREIT Exchange: The 6 Things You Need to Know

721 UPREIT Exchange: The 6 Things You Need to Know

The 721 umbrella partnership real estate investment trust (UPREIT) exchange is a great alternative for real estate investors who want to defer capital gains taxes without having to follow a strict time frame like the 1031 exchange. The investor may also be attracted to all the other benefits that a 721 UPREIT exchange offers that the 1031 exchange might not be able to fulfill.

Oct 11, 2023

You Can 1031 Exchange Into A REIT, Here's How

You Can 1031 Exchange Into A REIT, Here's How

Can you transition property into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) using a 1031 Exchange? Yes, but it requires a careful approach. While the IRS doesn't consider direct exchange into REIT shares as 'like-kind,' a sequence of particular steps can facilitate the successful completion of the exchange. This implies that transforming investment property into a REIT via a 1031 exchange is feasible but entails meticulous compliance with IRS rules.

Sep 18, 2023

UPREITS: Transforming Your Real Estate Into a Liquid Asset

When it comes to investing, real estate is an illiquid asset. There are a few reasons for this, which include difficulty of sale, access to capital, and supply and demand fundamentals. Specifically, if you need cash immediately, selling investment real estate might not be your first, or best, choice.

Aug 8, 2023

Why UPREITs are Becoming More Popular with Investors

A 1031 exchange has tax deferral benefits for those investors who are able to find a suitable replacement property. However, investors need to basically run the gauntlet as restrictions and deadlines must be met for the 1031 exchange to be performed successfully.

Aug 3, 2023

UPREITs: The Mechanics of Conversion from Real Estate to Shares

A 721 UPREIT exchange (also called a 721 transfer) allows investors to exchange their real estate property for operating partnership (OP) units in a REIT. As long as the OP units are held, taxable gains on the property are deferred. When the time comes, OP units can be exchanged for REIT shares. This terminates the tax deferment and creates a taxable event. We’ll walk through how the conversion process works.

Jul 31, 2023

How UPREITs Can Offer An Exit Strategy for Real Estate Investors

Picture this.

Jul 26, 2023

A Guide to UPREIT Transactions

A Guide to UPREIT Transactions
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