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Financing Options Tighten For Smaller Multifamily Investments

As expected, lenders have tightened up loan requirements, but unlike the 2008/2009 GFC (Global Financial Crisis), the market hasn't frozen up. During the GFC, liquidity dried up and was slow to return. The Federal Reserve has acted decisively in 2020 to avoid a replay of the 2008 collapse. Some of this liquidity has come by way of a program called the Primary Dealer Credit Facility, which was used during the GFC and again as the stock market dove in March this year.

Posted by Trey Robinson on Dec 5, 2020

Fill The Debt Financing Gap With A Delaware Statutory Trust

Matching the debt from the relinquished property is a vital requirement of the IRS during a 1031 exchange. Failure to do so will result in paying taxes — the worst-case scenario for a 1031 exchanger. But when the markets become unstable or a recession sets in, securing a loan for the replacement property in the exchange may become difficult or even impossible. A paper published by the Harvard Journal of Financial Economics notes that during the peak of the Global Financial Crisis (Q4 of 2008), new loans to large borrowers fell by 47% compared to the previous quarter and by 79% relative to the peak of the second quarter of 2007, identified as the peak of the credit boom. 

Posted by Trey Robinson on Nov 27, 2020

Another Way To Own Investment Properties

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