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Ways to Make Passive Income from Rental Property

Roughly 10.6 million American tax filers declared rental income on their tax returns. That said, it means 7.1% of 1040 filers could potentially be landlords — earning passive income from 17.7 million properties. 

Posted by David Funes on Apr 21, 2021

Can A Husband And Wife Hold Title As Tenants In Common?

There are many different ownership structures in both commercial and residential real estate. These varying forms of ownership have different implications on finances, taxation, title transfer, and other important aspects of real property ownership.

Posted by David Funes on Apr 16, 2021

What is Risk Tolerance in Investing?

Creating a financial nest egg to live comfortably is essential for many people -- especially when it can help them survive turbulent economic conditions such as those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic or the last big national recession.

Posted by David Funes on Apr 12, 2021

Using a Delaware Statutory Trust in Estate Planning

Owning a commercial investment property can be an excellent source of monthly income. Landlords often realize significant capital appreciation on well-positioned assets in thriving markets that they can use to potentially leave a lasting financial legacy to their heirs.

Posted by David Funes on Apr 8, 2021

Can You Roll Over a Tax Sheltered Annuity into an IRA?

Plenty of options exist when it comes to retirement savings. There are the 401(k) employer-sponsored plans. There are also simplified employee pensions (SEPs) and solo 401(k)s for the self-employed. Also in this group are individual retirement accounts for, well, individuals. Then there are tax-sheltered annuities, better-known as 403(b) retirement plans

Posted by David Funes on Apr 3, 2021

Do You Pay Medicare Tax on Retirement Income?

Retirement is the time in our life when we get to relax and leave the workforce behind. While we may get to relax from the daily grind, we still need to pay income taxes.

Posted by David Funes on Mar 29, 2021

How to Find a Triple Net Lease

Finding suitable investment properties can be a daunting task.

Experienced real estate investors typically rely on a hard-won network of skilled professionals to help them find potential investment properties. Novice investors, meanwhile, can find the process of combing through a wide array of asset classes, property types, and market demographics far more challenging -- even more so if you’re searching for one particular type of asset.

Posted by David Funes on Mar 25, 2021

Ways to Structure Retirement Income

Retirement looks different for everyone. Some people retire in their 50s, many work well into their 70s. But one thing retirees have in common is the need to understand ways to structure retirement income so they are financially secure when they stop working. 

Posted by David Funes on Mar 22, 2021

Is a Tax Sheltered Annuity Qualified?

Shelters, annuities, qualified, unqualified…all of these terms can get confusing when an investor planning for retirement is trying to figure out the best vehicle for saving and accumulating assets. It helps to refresh our understanding of some key terms:

Posted by David Funes on Mar 18, 2021

How Do I Get Income From An UPREIT?

An avenue some investors use to turn appreciated real estate into passive income is by exchanging the value of the property into shares in an Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust (UPREIT) instead of selling it outright. 

Posted by David Funes on Mar 15, 2021

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