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What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is employing strategies meant to protect your wealth from litigation. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jul 21, 2021

Estate Planning 101: Delaware Statutory Trusts and Common Law Trusts

High-net-worth individuals have many different options when it comes to preserving their financial legacy and distributing wealth to their beneficiaries.

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jul 15, 2021

Can a Condo Be a Good Investment Property?

As a real estate investor, you have numerous options for where to direct your investment spending. You may focus on residential real estate, including individual properties or multi-family dwellings (which are considered commercial assets), or you may prefer other sectors like hospitality, retail, or office. If you are evaluating condominiums as an investment, you may find that the property type fits into your strategy.

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jul 10, 2021

Can You Buy a Multifamily Home with a VA Loan?

A multifamily residential property contains separate dwelling units for more than one household. The property has shared walls, floors, or ceilings but individual entries. It can include duplexes, triplexes, quads, apartments, condos, townhouses, and other attached housing. Multifamily housing can also include mixed-use developments, where the lower floors have retail, office, or commercial tenants and the higher levels contain housing units. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jul 5, 2021

How Banks Manage Liquidity Risk

Similar to investors and small businesses, banks also take on liquidity risk. Banks' management of liquidity risk isn’t much different from how investors and businesses manage liquidity risk. They all must ensure that cash flow (i.e., income) arrives before bills come due. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 28, 2021

What Is the Average Property Management Fee for Rental Properties?

If you have a rental property, or are considering investing in one, you have likely considered hiring a property management company. The fees they charge vary, and depend on the duties they handle, how many units, and where the property is located.

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 24, 2021

Can You Get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) for a Rental Property?

It is possible to get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) on a rental property. However, there might be stricter equity and credit requirements than for HELOC on a primary residence. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 21, 2021

Can You Do a 1031 Exchange Between States?

As a regular Realized Holdings blog reader, you know all about the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S. Code § 1031. Known as the 1031 exchange, or like-kind exchange, the code allows you to defer capital gains taxes from the sale of real estate, by “exchanging” it into other real estate that is of equal or greater value.

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 17, 2021

Reasons to Consider Investing in Commercial Real Estate

You’ve probably heard good things about investing in commercial real estate (CRE), like how it can potentially help diversify your portfolio and may provide consistent income. But what’s the real story? Let’s break down exactly what CRE investing means, how it’s different from other types of real estate, and its pros and cons.

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 14, 2021

Ways To Invest In Retail Properties

If you are contemplating adding a retail property to your investment portfolio, there are several things to keep in mind about how to invest in retail properties. 

Posted by Clay Schmidt on Jun 9, 2021

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