Realized Introduces Wealth Management Strategies Tailored to Investment Property Ownership

Launches portfolio construction tools to help investment property owners and their advisors to build customized real estate portfolios

AUSTIN, TEXAS, JULY 27, 2021 – Realized, a real estate wealthtech firm that provides Investment Property Wealth Management®, today announced the launch of an enhanced end-to-end platform designed to help investment property owners and their advisors build diversified portfolios of private real estate offerings.

“An individual’s investment property wealth hasn’t historically been managed with the same sophistication as traditional asset classes,” said David Wieland, Realized Founder and CEO. “We hear clients consistently ask about the impact of their real estate holdings on their overall portfolio. Realized’s goal is to equip both investment property owners and their advisors with the ability to manage their real estate wealth on a wide range of direct ownership investment properties and securitized real estate investments.”

The new tools are designed to help investment property owners and their advisors transition from managing real estate to managing their real estate wealth. This enhancement of Realized’s platform represents the firm’s latest move to further integrate technology solutions into real estate investing, increasing accessibility of professionally managed, 1031-eligible, and diversified investment property portfolios.

Key features of the new platform include:

  • The ability for investors and advisors to exchange local investment property for 1031-eligible, custom-built commercial portfolios of passive investments, managed by some of the nation’s largest commercial operators.
  • A robust real estate offering and due diligence process for underlying real estate and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), designed to inform investors.
  • Expanded access to multifamily, self-storage, student housing, office, medical office, and industrial property types.
  • An open architecture marketplace of primary and secondary 1031-eligible DST, Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ), and UPREIT securities from major investment managers and Sponsors.

“Our goal is to empower investors and their advisors by providing an enhanced, holistic view of risk and return. The fact is that real estate can be a major component of a client’s total net worth, yet the asset is often excluded by the financial services community when conducting a comprehensive portfolio analysis. This can lead to a blind spot when assessing potential outcomes, asset correlation, tax-deferred investment strategies, and asset location over an extended time horizon.” said Rob Johnson, Head of Wealth Management and Chief Revenue Officer at Realized. “By applying the principles of modern portfolio theory to real estate, we believe client portfolios can be more effectively designed to address clients’ goals. We saw a need and opportunity to work toward better outcomes for our clients; now we want to share these capabilities with all investors, as well as their advisors.”

About Realized Holdings

Realized Holdings is a technology-enabled platform providing Real Estate wealth solutions to individuals and families that own legacy investment properties and other appreciated financial and capital assets. Investors use the Realized platform to transfer wealth from legacy properties and assets into passive commercial real estate portfolios — comprised of DST and QOZ investments and customized to their specific needs. To learn more, visit