Realized Expects to Exceed $1 Billion in Real Estate Investments Purchased Through Its Platform in Early 2022, Offers Insight into Strategic Goals

Company to Heighten Its Focus on ‘Educating and Aligning’ Investment Property Owners and Wealth Advisors

AUSTIN, TX, JANUARY 13, 2022 – Realized, a real estate wealthtech firm that provides Investment Property Wealth Management®, said it expects 2022 to be a record year with anticipated real estate investments purchased through its platform on behalf of individuals to exceed $1 billion in early 2022.

For context, the company facilitated a total of $1 billion in real estate purchases since its inception in 2017. Realized points to historic real estate values, individuals’ increasing desire to diversify their portfolios through alternative investments, and investment property owners transitioning their real estate to passive income-seeking investments as primary reasons for the surge in growth.

“This past year presented all investors with challenges, but Realized’s accomplishments in 2021 have highlighted the potential of alternative investments. Advisors, take note: According to a study commissioned by Realized and executed by the Harris Poll, 62% of U.S. consumers would rather put their money in tangible assets like investment properties instead of stocks 1. The success of our platform over the past year proves the optimism in real estate is well placed,” said David Wieland, Realized CEO.

Successes in 2021

Throughout the past year, Realized aggressively expanded its operations and key relationships within the investment community. Major successes in 2021 include:

  • Reaching nearly $1 billion in real estate purchased since 2017
  • Establishing relationships with 12 additional Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Sponsors in the past year, for a total of 42 Sponsors*, including some of the largest and most credible Sponsors
  • Launching their portfolio construction tool to help investment property owners and their advisors build customized real estate portfolios
  • Publishing their first annual survey titled “Consumer Perspectives on Retirement, Investing, and Property Ownership,” outlining unique insights into consumer needs and perspectives on leveraging real estate for retirement income

Building on this momentum, a key growth initiative for Realized in 2022 will center on expanding its efforts to educate more individuals and their financial advisors on the merits of managing investment property wealth with the same level of sophistication and discipline as they would other investments. This approach can help investors pursue their income needs in retirement, manage their risk, and preserve their property wealth across generations.

Uplifting advisors and wealth managers in 2022

Wieland continued, “In 2022 we are aggressively expanding our education and alignment efforts with investors and their advisors and wealth managers. Investment properties shouldn’t be treated the same way as traditional investments due to their unique tax implications and diversification abilities. If those variables are not properly managed, the investment benefits can be lost. The Realized team has experience with investment properties and can lend that advice to advisors and wealth managers who may not have the same level of knowledge.”

Wieland also pointed to Realized’s 2022 strategic goals:

  • Reach $1 billion in real estate investments purchased through the Realized platform
  • Leverage information from the 42 DST Sponsors to identify key real estate trends and inform smarter investment decisions
  • Launch investment risk scoring for Multifamily, NNN, Self-Storage, and Industrial properties based on the company’s robust due diligence process and deep third-party data
  • Utilize modern portfolio theory to construct real estate portfolios and manage them alongside traditional wealth management portfolios
  • Enable clients and their advisors to seek portfolio optimizations to calculate a client’s portfolio value, track rollover opportunities for DSTs, and provide the status of a client’s investments

Wieland concluded, “Realized is proud to supply the experience, technology, and information advisors need to help guide clients through the entire real estate investment process. Over the next year, we expect to meet major milestones demonstrating the strength and agility of our platform while also strengthening key relationships in the investor and advisor community.”

About Realized Holdings

Realized Holdings is a technology-enabled platform providing Real Estate wealth solutions to individuals and families that own legacy investment properties and other appreciated financial and capital assets. Investors use the Realized platform to transfer wealth from legacy properties and assets into passive commercial real estate portfolios — comprised of DST and QOZ investments and customized to their specific needs. To learn more, visit


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