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Moody National Companies

Moody National Companies

Houston, TX

"Moody National Realty Company, L.P. (“Moody National Realty Company”), was formed in Texas in 1998 to sponsor public and private real estate programs. The general partner of Moody National Realty Company is Moody Realty Corporation, which is solely owned and managed by Brett C. Moody. Moody Realty Corporation is one of the companies owned by Mr. Moody that collectively make up the Moody National Companies Organization, including Moody National Mortgage Corporation, Moody Management Corporation, Moody National Development Company, L.P., Moody National Construction, LLC, and Moody National Exchange, LLC. Since 1996, the Moody National Companies Organization has become a full service real estate firm. Moody National Mortgage Corporation has completed over 150 transactions providing its customers with over $1 billion of debt, equity and structured financings. Moody National Realty Company has provided a complete spectrum of commercial real estate brokerage services including leasing, acquisition, disposition, marketing and consulting services. Moody National Management, L.P. specializes in managing Class A, Class B and Class C multi-family apartment properties, as well as hospitality assets. In 2005, Moody National Realty Company sponsored its first private real estate program.

Between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2016, Moody National Realty Company, has, directly or indirectly, sponsored 47 privately offered prior real estate programs, which raised approximately $437.7 million from more than 1,358 investors. The funds raised were invested in real estate with an aggregate cost, including debt and investments of joint venture partners, of approximately $1.158 billion. Of the 47 privately offered prior real estate programs, all of which were Moody Programs, each program owns between 1 and 3 real estate assets, for a total of 57 properties acquired. 43 of the Moody Programs were tenant-in-common programs, 3 were Delaware statutory trusts, and 1 was a private fund. Of the properties purchased, 13% were office buildings and 87% were hotels."

Last Updated: Q1 2018