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Investors who wish to sell their DST interests face limited options due to their illiquid nature. However, working with Realized provides investors with a few options that may help1



As of March 2023

While investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) can be beneficial for several reasons, DSTs are considered illiquid investments, meaning they cannot quickly be converted to cash. This can be difficult for some investors as circumstances in life change and they may wish to exit their investments earlier than originally planned. That’s why Realized created a secondary market to helps investors find potential buyers for their DST interests.

Realized has launched the industry’s first SEC- and FINRA-reviewed Alternative Trading System for DSTs. Complete with full Qualified Intermediary (QI) integration, Realized has completed over $5M+ in transactions with 85% being at or within 90% of the seller’s asking price. Should your financial goals or needs change, our secondary market can help.

How It Works

If an investor decides to sell his or her interests, they can work with Realized to help find a buyer.2 Once a buyer is identified for the seller’s DST interests, the Realized team works in conjunction with the closing agent, Accruit, to facilitate the transfer of DST interests from seller to buyer.  There is a fee3 for working with Realized to find a buyer, which could cover the following…




Investors can work with Realized to receive a no-obligation Opinion of Market Value (OMV), which is based on recent DST transactions. This Opinion of Market Value can serve as a guide to help investors determine if they would like to attempt to sell their DST interests. The value is based on our proprietary database of historical transactions, and should not be considered an ‘official’ value amount for sale purposes.




Realized can help investors potentially find a buyer for their DST interests. Our finder service can potentially help you sell all or part of your DST interests. Neither buyer nor seller is under any obligation in this agreement until closing.




If Realized secures a potential buyer and both the buyer and the seller decide to move forward with the transaction, Realized can assist with the required paperwork, approvals, and can help facilitate the sale closing through a secure, third-party, 1031 Exchange-qualified escrow account.

* Opinion of Market Value (OMV) serves as a guide to help you determine if you want to sell DST interests.  OMV's based on a proprietary database of historical transactions, but is not considered "official" for the purposes of a loan or sale of shares.

Benefits of Working with realized to Sell Your DST Interests


  • Realized can help you understand the value of your current DST. This is based on information derived from independent, third-party databases on comparable DST investments, historical performance information, future outlook, the anticipated remaining holding period, and market position compared to new primary market offerings.
  • Sellers can market their DST interest to a higher-quality audience of buyers who are pre-qualified 1031 Exchange buyers and interested in purchasing new investment pieces.
  • Potential buyers can make offers to purchase the DST interests and the seller decides whether to accept.
  • DST interests are perfectly divisible, allowing investors to sell less than 100% of a position, as desired.
  • The sale of secondary interest is 1031 Exchange eligible, allowing investors optionality to manage their portfolio.
  • Realized oversees the paperwork and establishes the secure account on the Accruit platform.


  • Potential buyers can receive visibility of actual financial performance before investing.
  • Buyers purchasing seasoned interests have potentially shorter holding periods for their investments, which can provide the ability to ladder anticipated holding periods in an investment portfolio.
  • By having holding periods end at different times, this may potentially help manage the reinvestment risk of rolling over investments at the same time.
  • By buying a secondary asset with a shorter duration than new issuance primary market offerings, buyers may start to unlock the value of their investments sooner.
  • Buyers have access to the full and complete file of all formal investor correspondence received directly from the Sponsor.
  • Access to unique offerings that may not be found elsewhere.

1. No guarantee for sale, and DSTs are still classified as an illiquid investment. Accredited investors only.
2. There is no assurance a current owner will be able to sell their  investments.
3. Upon sale, the fee is used as a credit against any fees or commissions due to Realized. 

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