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Passive Income Rental Property: The 3 Things You Need to Know

Rental property can be a great way to make passive income — when you know what you’re doing. However, like with any investment, there’s potential risk. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 17, 2021

How To Transfer Ownership Of Real Estate Property

Real estate can be a terrific investment. As an alternative investment asset, it can help diversify a portfolio. And, depending on the asset class, type, location, and other factors, it can appreciate in value, while offering a steady rate of return.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 13, 2021

Real Estate Rollover

For many people, when they leave their job, they often bring their 401(k) with them. The 401(k) provides tax deferment benefits. In order to move their 401k out of the company, it needs to be rolled over into an IRA. This will allow the 401(k) tax deferment benefits to remain in place. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 9, 2021

What Is The Rate Of Return Of A Delaware Statutory Trust?

Unlike a direct real estate investment, investing in a DST is less complicated. There isn’t any rehab that investors must spend money on. There’s no closing cost. The cost-basis is easy to figure out. All of that helps simplify the rate of return (ROR) calculation. In this article, we’ll dig into what you need to know for calculating the ROR on a DST.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Apr 4, 2021

What is a Good Interest Rate on a Mortgage?

The question about mortgage interest rates is anything but simple. The interest rate that you pay for a mortgage is affected by market factors and the details of your financial situation, in addition to the purpose of the mortgage.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 30, 2021

How To Calculate Adjusted Basis Of Rental Property

Understanding how to calculate the adjusted cost basis of a rental property is essential to accurately determine its value and potential profits from a sale. Also, the adjusted basis isn't the same as the basis. Once you finish reading this article, you should understand the difference between these two terms and be able to work through calculating the adjusted basis.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 26, 2021

Is Rental Property Considered Passive Income?

In most cases, earnings from rental property is considered passive income. 

Passive income is money earned from business activities where the individual is not active in the day-to-day operations. However, income from rental properties is almost always considered passive, even if the owner is involved in the management of the property. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 23, 2021

Is an UPREIT a Good Investment?

An UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) is as much a vehicle for investment as it is an actual investment type. That's because it is a method of transferring a property from individual ownership into a trust in exchange for a stake in the trust. The owner of a piece of appreciated real estate contributes the asset to the REIT in a trade (like a 1031 exchange, with the same tax deferral advantage) and receives in return operating partnership units in the REIT.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 19, 2021

How to Get into Real Estate Syndication

Real estate syndication is a way of combining capital from more than one investor to invest in real estate. Usually, the property or project targeted is beyond the investors' reach individually, and the arrangement is guided by a sponsor who manages the investment.

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 16, 2021

What Is the 20% Related Party Rule for Opportunity Zone Owners?

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is known for creating the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program, which encourages real estate investors to invest in low-income communities with the intention to stimulate economic development and job growth. Under certain conditions, these private investments may be eligible for capital gains tax incentives. By investing realized gains in QOZs, investors can reduce capital gains tax liability or eliminate it altogether from future value appreciation on QOZ investments. 

Posted by Jacob Adams on Mar 11, 2021

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