Ed Maddox

Client Success Manager

Ed Maddox

Meet Ed

Ed joins the Realized team as a Client Success Manager after executing a 1031 exchange and subsequent reinvestment in DSTs with the company.

Ed spent 17 years as a sales representative in the paper distribution industry before taking over a family real estate venture. After redevelopment of the property, Ed spent ten years overseeing the operation of a 600 bed student housing community before its sale. A desire to share his experience with Realized led to a formal role with the Company. He is a resident of Greensboro, North Carolina, and graduated from Guilford College.

Ed and his wife of 25 years, Cheryl, are parents to a 22-year-old daughter and two Boykin Spaniels. Ed enjoys spending time in the outdoors, fishing and hunting, reading, and traveling the country in his RV.

Fun Facts About Ed

  • If Ed could visit anywhere in the world, he would make a return trip to Alaska and the true wilderness!

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