Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Qualified Intermediary

When an investor approaches the 1031 exchange process, they are greeted by a variety of choices. One of the most important of these is selecting a Qualified Intermediary (QI)—also known as a 1031 Exchange Accommodator.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Qualified Intermediary features important information regarding the process for choosing a QI, specifically the requirements, risks, and fees to consider. This eBook will help you answer:

  • What is a Qualified Intermediary?
  • Who can be a 1031 Exchange Accommodator?
  • Why is it important to choose an experienced and trustworthy QI?
  • When are QI's necessary?
  • How can Qualified Intermediaries facilitate a smooth 1031 process?
  • Where will my funds be held?
QI ebook cover